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What is Intelligent London?

Intelligent London puts the latest data on the education and skills of young people, professionally presented, at your fingertips. It makes the very best of data analysis and visualisation techniques so that those with an interest in supporting and promoting the interests of young people can easily access reliable data that looks great.

If you have any feedback on the website, then please email Yolande Burgess at

What can I do in the Local Overview section?

The Local Overview section provides local authorities (LAs) with a visual PDF summarising key indicators for their LA, compared with the London average. Indicators are arranged into four themes: LA Landscape, Participation, Outcomes and Progression.

Each of the indicators can be explored in more detail using the interactive analysis in the Borough Insight section of the website, and some can be explored at a provider level in the Provider Performance section.

Click on your local authority of choice from the map in order to download your PDF.

What can I do in the Borough Insight section?

The Borough Insight section allows you to explore a wide range of indicators at the local authority level and, where available, the regional and national level. Click on an indicator from one of the four tabbed themes. If you can’t see the indicator you are looking for, click on the “Show More” icons to reveal a fuller list. Additionally, you can do a free text search across the whole indicator director from the “Search Directory” tab.

Once you have selected an indicator you can then use the left hand menu or simply scroll down to view the data visualised in a map, a bar chart, or table. If time series data is available you will also be able to display the data in line chart format.

You can choose which areas to show in the bar chart, line chart and table by selecting from the “Select Areas to Include” drop-down. Note that clicking on the area group headers (e.g “region”, or “inner London”) will select or deselect all areas in that group.

You can choose to display labels on each of the visualisations from selecting from the drop-down list.

Information on and links to the original data sources are provided at the bottom of the page.

You can export the data (e.g. to Excel) by selecting the “Export Data” option from the table. Other visualisations can be exported by clicking “Print Screen” on your keyboard, and also printed from your browser print menu.

A number of the indicators on the Borough Insight page can be explored at provider level in the Provider Performance section. A link is provided under each visualisation where this is the case.

What can I do in the Learning Landscape section?

The Learning Landscape section provides an interactive map of educational establishments in London offering provision for 14-19 year olds, including maintained schools, academies, free schools, independents and more.

You can adjust the map by selecting an individual local authority, change what the colour of the dot represents and adjust the dot size (useful if you zoom in to the map using the controls at the top left of the map). Clicking on a colour in the key highlights a particular type of provider.

Hovering over a provider dot provides more information on that provider, and also a link to their Ofsted inspection report where available.

Note that all data in this section is provided by schools to the DfE

What can I do in the Provider Performance section?

The Provider Performance section allows you to explore public data on the characteristics and performance of providers in a selected local authority.

Select an indicator from the drop-down, then choose a local authority and select the type of providers you wish to show. For some indicators you can also choose to change the year of data shown.


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