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Intelligent London The interactive tool for analysing data on the education and skills of young Londoners  
  • Recent Updates
    • Key Stage 4 - 2016/17 (validated performance tables)
    • Key Stage 5 - 2016/17 (validated performance tables)
    • Age 16 and 17 participation
    • Updated Local Overviews packs, include a fresh design
    • Learning landscape updated for 2017 performance tables
    • Provider performance updated for 2017 performance tables

Local Overview Borough Insight Learning Landscape Provider Performance
  • View key indicators for your local authority in a downloadable PDF
  • Produce interactive local authority analysis in maps, charts and exportable tables, choosing from a wide range of indicators
  • Explore a map of schools and colleges in London to help understand local provision options
  • Create your own comparisons of the context and outcomes of providers in your local authority

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